Worksheet: Marshmallow Test

After viewing the Marshmallow Test video clip, answer the following questions.  There are 16 questions in total.  G.9 students are expected to answer all of them.  As for G.7 and 8, questions 11-16 are bonus points.  You can click here to answer these questions on-line, then submit it.  Or, you can type or write each question, with your answers on paper.  Submit to your ESL teachers on 6 December 2011.

Marshmallow Test

1. What does the “Marshmallow test” test in children?

2. What was the title of the book Dr. Walsh wrote?

3. What is a key factor for kids?

4. How many kids took the test?

5. How many kids ate the first marshmallow they were given?

6. What was the name of twin who didn’t eat the marshmallow?

7. What is the job of parents?

8. What does Dr. Walsh say about the “Marshmallow test?”

9. Explain in your own words. What is the “Marshmallow test” about?

10. How would you do if you were given the “Marshmallow test?”

11. What would the kids get, fi they could wait until Dr. Walsh returns?

12. If this experiment is conducted in Thailand, what Thai food could replace the Marshmallow?

13. Why do you think most children in this experiment ate the marshmallow?

14. Why do you think it is important for parents to say “NO” to their children?

15. Why is it important to wait?

16. If you were in this experiment, would you take the marshmallow or wait until Dr. Walsh returns? Why?

17. What could be the difference between kids who at the marshmallow and who did not, when they grow up?

If you prefer to answer above questions in the form, please click here  Then click submit it.

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