Worksheet: What is PISA?

   Dear students,

After viewing the video clip, answer these questions to demonstrate your understanding about PISA.  You can answer these questions in the answer sheet here, or you can answer these questions on A4 paper.  Submit your answers to Teacher Arwin by 6 December 2011.

1.      What does PISA stand for?
2.      What does OECD stand for?
3.      Why are 12 years old students not tested through PISA?
4.      What's the difference between regular tests and PISA?
5.      What is PISA supposed to indicate?
6.      How can governments use PISA results?
7.      What was the point of the Lake graph question?
8.      What are the differences in results between boys and girls in each subject?
9.      What has early tracking of students indicated?
10.    Is the background of students connected with how they do in school?
11.    What is the connection between children and parents that relates to the PISA score?
12.    What is the problem with a lot of good teachers?
13.    Where does Thailand rank in the latest PISA results?
14.    What does it mean for Thailand to get such low ranking in the PISA test?
15.     If you were the Minister of Education, what would you do when you know the result of PISA?
16.    If you were to take PISA test, how would you prepare for it?

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